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Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach that aligns your marketing efforts to your sales targets.

Give your team full visibility of your targeted accounts

ABM utilises data to give you full visibility of your targeted accounts. It helps you to identify the decision-makers within an account and capture trending intent signals.

Build a lasting relationship that drives new opportunities

Account-Based Marketing allows you to maintain one-to-one tailored communication with your targeted accounts. It allows you to stay relevant while nurturing your sales leads and build awareness around your brand, products and services.

Put actionable insights in the hands of your Sales team

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) puts transparent insights in the hands of your Sales team. Your Sales people see exactly why an account is flagged as qualified and they receive real-time alerts for any changes in the account’s behaviour.


A bot is a piece of software that is typically designed to automate a repetitive task.

Save precious time and resources

Bots can learn the intent of your customers requests, then build a response based on this intent. This can save staff time as well as enables real time responses to your customers.

Function 24/7 with no slow down

Bots work all day, every day. They never need a tea break and they never tire, they just love to solve your problems for you!

You’ll stay ahead of the game

Gartner suggests that by 2020 over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human interaction, ie with a bot.

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If you’re unsure of how to transform your business with analytics, we can help you dip your toes in the water.

Utilise the right solution for you

There is no single solution to your business problems. We can take a look at what is holding your business back and suggest what would provide optimal results, not just the bog standard package.

Digitally transform your business

Bring your business up to date by discovering the latest innovations in business intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

Implement quick wins to prove investment

With just a small investment you’ll be able to gather quick wins, which’ll prove to the board that pushing analytics within your business will provide a long term payoff.

Customer Insights

This is the process of understanding your customer wants and needs.

Provide a personalised customer experience

Understanding what your customers want allows your marketing team to provide interesting content through all their channels.

Happier customers

This personalised content though different channels is appreciated by customers, building your relationship by showing you’re talking to each customer individually.

Increase sales

The result of improved customer relationships provides mutual benefits to both parties. Whilst the customer feels wanted and appreciated, the business increases product sales and revenue.

Data Visualisation

Visualising your data helps you build strategy by providing insights, being able to easily understand your data with dashboards.

Utilise fully personalised dashboards

Dashboards can contain literally anything you want. They can also be personalised to use you company colour scheme and branding to give it that corporate touch.

Create a data driven strategy

Using tools such as R and Power BI, we can produce fully interactive reports and dashboards to help you gain the insights your data holds, enabling you to enhance business strategy.

Get quick access to your data’s secrets

Once dashboards are set up you have access to your data immediately, and the data can be sliced in a huge number of ways, giving you access to the secrets your data holds on a single page.

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Personalisation is the process of getting your optimal content in front of the right customers.

Deliver targeted content to your key prospects

Personalisation utilises data to help identify what types of content will work better with certain prospects than others.

Build lasting relationships and up-sell your services

You know which customers are interested in more products and services of yours? Drive increased sales by promoting these services in engaging content with them.

Increase your conversion rates

When you personalise messages they become much more persuasive. Econsultancy found that personalised content results in increased conversion rates for 93% of companies.


Segmentation is the process of using variables of a data set to group and segment the data.

Identify your most profitable segments

Using segmentation you’ll be able to identify what type of customers bring in the most revenue and profit for you. If you’re underserving a certain type of customer, you’ll identify this here.

Have better communication

To communicate effectively, you need to first understand your prospects and customers. Once segmented, you’ll be able to personalise messages to deliver wanted content.

Create SMART business goals

When you understand your target audience, you can set realistic and measurable goals that are derived from data.

Web Analytics

This is the process of collecting and analysis the behaviour of website users.

Provide a more personalised web experience

Web analytics allows you to cater your marketing to your customer’s interests, resulting in a more personalised website with increased customer engagement.

Website optimisation

Understand what parts of your website are being used and what parts are being ignored to better optimise your site and enhance the user experience.

Further Modelling

Having web data can be useful as a data input to fuel more complex machine learning models such as product recommendation engines.

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