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Our customers success stories all started with one inspired person. We helped them become the hero of their team by providing tangible results.

Product Recommendation

Increases Engagement

A product recommendation model built by Objective Analytics for Epson Europe was installed on all product pages across their websites. Emails were personalised using the product recommendation engine and sent to contacts.

The results:

35% open rate on emails (Increase of 218%)

10% click rate on email links (Increase of 1,800%)

25.5% lift on product page views


Increase on Email Opens

Hours saved per time

Expert Knowledge

Saves Team Time

The data team at Objective Analytics helped Knight Frank save time learning a new technology by providing technical support, allowing the Knight Frank team to get ahead quicker than their competitors.

The pre-built process in place which used SQL and R to calculate drive time between properties was taking between 2 to 3 days to run. The team wanted to be able to reduce this to run overnight. With help from Objective Analytics this process was reduced to only 3 hours, a 95% reduction in time to run the process.

Error Reduction Give Better Understanding Of Future Cash Flows

The regression analysis done by Objective Analytics for F. J. Church helps to reduce errors in the process of removing precious metals from catalytic convertors. A model was built to improve the accuracy of predicting the amount of precious metals in each convertor. The previous mapping process which used a rule of thumb has now been transformed to an intelligent data driven solution.

The results:

22% reduction in mean average error

A better understanding of future cash flows


Reduction in Errors

Contacts with Increased Lead Score

Intelligent Customer

Segmentation Wins Big Leads

The customer segmentation model built by Objective Analytics for Epson Europe takes data from sources such as domain, web activity, email opens, previous purchases as well as lots more information to intelligently decide whether a customer is B2B or B2C.

The results:

+14K Contacts lead score increased

30K Contacts classified as B2B

20K Contacts classifed as B2C

Hot leads increase due to relevant content

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Predictive Analytics enables us to anticipate when a customer would be most receptive to receiving a relevant offer, and deliver it to them in real time. We know that a customer will buy a product… before they do!

Maggie, Data Scientist, Objective IT

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