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Objective has been involved with data for 30 years. From it’s inception in 1988, Objective developed robust, scalable systems to help its customers improve business processes and positively impact their bottom line.

Fast forward to 2016 and Objective implemented their leading edge data insights service whilst collaborating with the Institute for Analytics and Data Science at the University of Essex. We knew that our customers’ data sitting in their databases could be used for all manner of good, from business intelligence to predictive analytics.


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Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics

In March 2018 we proved our commitment to excellence by becoming Gold Microsoft Partners in Data Analytics. This means all of our data scientists and analysts completed exams in a wide range of topics in the data science world.

Partnership with the Institute for Analytics and Data Science


Objective first started its data journey in 2016 by collaborating with the University of Essex’s Institute for Analytics and Data Science. Now, with even stronger links to the university, Objective Analytics has access to some of the greatest analytical minds around. With academics working alongside our team, we can assure you we’re at the forefront technologies and data.

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Our data science team use specialised machine learning techniques to predict the answers to our clients’ problems.

Lara Fox, Project Director, Objective IT

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